About Us

We are a commercial production and animation studio focused on motion design, editorial and live action direction & production for a wide variety of commercial, broadcast and corporate clients.

Our Work

We believe our work speaks for itself. Browse our most recent projects below.

Our Service

We believe in a diverse range of talent and personality brings creative skills and ideas to our projects.

Motion Graphics and Video

We create professional graphics that fit your company image and are consistent with your goals. We can enhance your existing logo by turning it into an exciting motion graphic without changing or altering it’s current look. This can be used during presentations and or meetings to enhance a promotional video or website. With our high-definition (HD) video, we also offer HD graphics to compliment our video or as a stand alone product. 

Web Design

We designs and builds websites that maximize a site’s chances of being found by search engines with compelling visuals and keyword copy. We can design your website, with cross-browser compatibility, so that it engages your customer interactively and delivers the message you want.

Corporate Videos

Corporate videos can include a wide range of content including interviews with key business members, conference and seminar presentations, testimonials from satisfied customers, product demonstrations and explanatory graphics.

Business Videos

Business Videos are the perfect way to tell your story when your budget is limited and precludes on location filming. Set to music and utilizing a voice over artist, Business Videos can include your own photos, high quality stock photos and professional stock video. Starting at 30 seconds, Business Videos can pack a punch at a very reasonable cost.

Social Media Presence

We have several years of experience developing targeted advertising and social media campaigns. We help you define, develop and achieve your goals. 

3D Animations

 The perfect way to tell your story when your ideas are conceptual, your product is still in production or where the story to be told precludes on location filming. Ideal for many purposes including product shots and demonstrations, instruction manuals, presentations, architectural tours, product advertising, interior design and trade show displays.



Our Process

Ready to go? Here's our simple steps to get your company noticed.


Research and Agreement

We meet and research your project to make sure we are on the same page. Everything is clear? Great! We move forward with putting together a concept that is customized to fit your company.

Design and Development

Our talented team will create conceptual designs that will be tailored to your specific project.


We deliver the finished project to your specifications and format that meets your company’s needs. 


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Clients Worked With


Paper Airplanes Made


Winning Awards

Happy Clients

Great Team

Paper Airplane Studios has a great team of creatives. 

Fred BrownInfusion Brands

Always Enjoy Collaborating

I’ve always enjoyed collaborating with Paper Airplane Studios. They are a team that excels in video production and creative direction.   

Griffin PartillaPartilla Creative

Very Professional

Always a pleasure to work with them, very professional and creative. 

Christina DiNattoLaCorium Health

Fun place

Paper Airplane Studios is just one of those places you just like to work with – smart, dependable and most importantly super creative.  

Andrew AllanDRTV Director / Script Writer
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